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昨日、米国の労働省から6月の米国雇用統計が発表されました。非農業部門雇用者数は前月からわずかに18千人しか増加せず、うち民間部門は57千人にとどまりました。失業率は前月から0.1%ポイント上昇して9.2%に達しました。まず、New York Times のサイトから記事を最初の4パラだけ引用すると以下の通りです。

Job Growth Falters Badly, Clouding Hope for Recovery
For the second consecutive month, employers added scarcely any jobs in June, startling evidence that the economic recovery is stumbling.
All levels of government shed workers, and hiring by companies continued to slow, resulting in a meager 18,000 new nonfarm payroll jobs last month, the Labor Department reported on Friday. The government also revised downward the small gain for the previous month to 25,000 new jobs, less than half the original estimate.
Although the government's survey of employers showed a slight expansion in jobs, a separate survey of households found that more people were searching for work than in the previous month, causing the unemployment rate to rise to 9.2 percent from 9.1 percent in May.
Economists were stunned. They had been expecting job growth to strengthen in June as oil prices eased and supply disruptions caused by the Japanese tsunami and earthquake receded. Instead, the government's monthly snapshot of the labor market showed that several industries, including construction, finance and temporary services, shrank. At the same time, leading indicators like wages and the length of the average workweek, which tend to grow before employers begin adding more jobs, actually contracted.



私だけでなく、おそらく多くのエコノミストは、極めて disapointing な結果であり、引用した記事にもある通り、stunned と受け止めています。市場の事前コンセンサスでは増加幅は10万人を上回るとの期待があり、ADP は15万人を超える結果となっていました。今回の景気回復局面における雇用動向の特徴なのか、そもそも景気の回復テンポが緩やか過ぎるのか、米国経済が2番底をつけに行くのか、いろいろと議論を呼びそうな数字です。

Jobless Recovery

最後に、New York Times のブログサイトである Economix をマネた Jobless Recovery のグラフは上の通りです。
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