2011年12月31日 (土) 18:24:00



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2011年12月31日 (土) 13:38:00

Financial Times の来年を占う特集

例年、同じネタで申し訳ありませんが、Financial Times で来年の方向性について論じています。FT のサイトから画像とともに引用して手抜きのエントリーとします。

Forecasts for a future imperfect

  • Will the eurozone survive intact?
  • Will Barack Obama be re-elected?
  • Will Egypt's generals give up power?
  • Will the sovereign debt crisis hit the UK?
  • Will the 30-year bull market in bonds come to an end?
  • Will Britain win more gold medals at the London Olympics than in Beijing?
  • Will the global economy grow faster in Q3 2012 than in Q3 2011?
  • Will Britain's phone-hacking scandal bring new casualties in the media?
  • Will the US begin to close the gap with China in manufacturing?
  • Will Vladimir Putin reinvent himself as a modernising reformer?
  • Will US and UK companies pay out higher dividends?
  • Will Italy's government of technocrats see out 2012?
  • Will Israel attack Iran?
  • Will the geopolitics of oil spark another crisis as in 1973?
  • Has gold peaked?
  • Will scientists confirm that travel faster than light is possible?
  • Will Aung San Suu Kyi still be free at the end of the year?
  • Will the UK Conservative party have a civil war over Europe?
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