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恒例により、Financial Times の The World in 2019 から取り上げておきたいと思いますが、1年前は明示的に日本が入り、それは「日銀は金融引締めを行うか?」の問いに対して、予想される回答はNoだったんですが、今回はとうとう日本は無視されたようです。わずかに関係しているのは、最後の20番目の「ゴーン抜きで日産とルノーの連携は継続するか?」だけで、答えは Yes でした。しょうがないので、以下、FT のサイトから引用して羅列しておきます。

  • Will Brexit be stopped?
  • Will Jeremy Corbyn become UK prime minister?
  • Will France's Emmanuel Macron get his reforms back on track after the gilets jaunes protests?
  • Will populists make big gains in European Parliament elections?
  • Will the Democrats attempt to impeach President Donald Trump?
  • Will the trade truce hold between Donald Trump and China's Xi Jinping?
  • Will Russia escalate military action against Ukraine?
  • Will there be a new financial crisis?
  • Will Narendra Modi still be prime minister after India's parliamentary polls?
  • Will the disputes in the South China Sea blow up?
  • Will Jair Bolsonaro boost Brazilian economic growth?
  • Will Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman survive the aftermath of the killing of Jamal Khashoggi?
  • Will the S&P 500 finish 2019 above 3,000?
  • Will Ethiopia's prime minister be able to maintain the momentum of one of Africa's most striking transformations?
  • Will Brent crude end the year below $60 a barrel?
  • Will Uber achieve the biggest IPO in history?
  • Will Mark Zuckerberg step down as chairman of Facebook?
  • Will the US yield curve invert?
  • Will Huawei lose its foothold outside China?
  • Will the Nissan-Renault alliance survive without Carlos Ghosn?
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